Perth region Rhee Tae Kwon Do has been training in Perth for 50 years. Rhee Tae Kwon Do is the FIRST and largest Tae Kwon Do organisation in Australia founded by the Father of Australian Taekwondo, World Master Chong Chul Rhee.


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Congratulations to our new Black Belts!
Graded and promoted by World Master Chong Chul Rhee with Perth Regional Instructor Kwan Jang Nim Troy.

1st Degree – Asha
1st Degree – Kylie
Junior Black Belt – Mia
Junior Black Belt – Gadea
Junior Black Belt – Olivia

 Proud instructors SNR Subum David, SNR Subum Craig and Subum Bethany

About Rhee Tae Kwon Do



My Master, who promoted me to Black belt and who I train under every 3 months is Master Chong Chul Rhee.

Master Chong Chul Rhee was selected from the Korean military due to his advanced martial arts ability. He was selected by the late General Choi to teach, assist and formalise the newly born martial art style of TKD for the South Korean Army/government.

Master Chong Chul Rhee and another of the Rhee Tae Kwon Do school’s Masters, Master Chong Hyup Rhee (Master Chong Chul Rhee’s younger brother), were 2 of the original 12 Masters of Tae Kwon Do, officially appointed by General Choi and the then KTA (Korean Tae Kwon Do Association).

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I believe one of the first spots Master Chong Chul Rhee & moved onto Australia and set up the Rhee International Tae Kwon Do oganistion in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

At RTKDWA, we still train in the original military self defence style of Tae Kwon Do as it was formalised in 1955. Some refer to the original style of TKD as Chang Hon (Kwan name). Master Rhee believes TKD should stay a powerful, effective self defence martial art, not a sport and has not deviated from teaching that traditional military style to his students.

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Rhee TKD Mt Lawley Open

Mt Lawley Rhee TKD gym is training Monday and Friday at the ECU Sports centre located 21/2 Bradford st Mt Lawley training Times are Monday 6pm to 7.30 and Friday 5.30 – 7pm please feel free to attend any session for you first free lesson.

The Theory of Power

The emphasis on speed and agility is a defining characteristic of taekwondo and has its origins in analyses undertaken by  . The results of that analysis are known by ITF practitioners as Choi’s Theory of Power. Choi based his understanding of power on biomechanics and Newtonian physics as well as Chinese martial arts. For example, Choi observed that the power of …

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For more information, please contact Troy Meade – 0457 432 963